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Buy royalty free music for videos, presentations and animations. Download corporate music, cinematic music and more here at 

Latest tracks

Positive corporate music - "Awakening". Uplifting, positive, epic and motivational instrumental music track, a soft and calm beginning leads to a energetic end.

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Happy, modern and positive background track for TV and Radio commercials with a whistler. Pop track with goodfeel mode. For a great start in the day.

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Dramatic background soundtrack, film score music with ethnic and cinematic instrumentation. Female vocals, ethnic drums and flutes, pads.

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Cuban Salsa background music - instrumental with piano, trumpets, full Salsa-Corchestra and melancholical Nylon-Guitar.

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1970 funk music royalty free. Strong funky groove, classic band sound, own composition. With Fender Rhodes, rythm guitar, trumpets.

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Royalty free folklore from Peru: an andin folkloric instrumental music with atmospheric sounds of the Andes. With the use of Charango, Panflute,  Cajon.

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Corporate Music and Cinematic music

Corporate Music is ideal for business communications, the focus is inspiration and motivation.

Corporate Music supports corporate communications and their media. It is motivating, enthusiastic. It gives your media a positive, energetic mood and underlines your message. For this reason, the keywords are: change, drive, rise, motivation, inspiration, but also rest, stability. Corporate Music is available in Pop-Rock Styles as well as in Dance-Eletronic.

Cinematic Music - Happiness, Nostalgia, Drama, Thril, Suspense, Motivation, Inspiration

Cinematic music emotionalises sequences in movies, videos and other media. That is why it creates feelings like nostalgia, drama, nerve kitzel, tension. Or it focuses on joy, motivation and inspiration. In general, the cinematic music places emphasis on an intense feeling expression.


Music from dance, electronic, house

Here you will find dance electronic music. Driving beats with breathtaking chords and melodies. Therefore, the key words for electronic music are: drive, beat, eletronic, energy, but also lounge, chill.

Jazz & Latin music

Tracks from the category Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Latin, Bossa Nova, Lounge with orchestral and jazz instruments, keys and riffs.

Royalty free World Music

Folkloric instrumental background music Ambient instrumental music with ethnic instruments such as Charango, Panflute, Cuica Drum, Cajon / Yambu. In general you will find here the typical sound of the Andes in Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia. Other royalty-free world music will be composed in the future.


We offer royalty-free loops from the categories Cinematic, Corporate, Dance, Jazz / Latin and World. All files can be locked. All loop purchases are available in the standard license.

Your benefits

Advantages are:

  • Buy royalty free music like cinematic or corporate music for youtube and other uses 100% copyright clear
  • High sound quality
  • Easy payment via Paypal, Credit Card or Amazon
  • Instant download (WAV, mp3, license).

Media usage & License

SEQ_music is a collection of royalty free music for youtube and other media prjects. Most of all entire tracks and loops from corporate music and cinematic music. You get high quality audio content starting at 9 €. There are no hidden charges. Please visit our FAQs or  the license information page to learn more. Buy royalty free background music today for youtube or other projects.

Basic Conditions

  1. 100% Copyright Clear - SEQ_music / the author, composer & rightholder Martin Lotz is not member of any Performance Right Organisation (P.R.O.)
  2. Lifetime Rights - There is no ending of the license, you have liftetime rights to use the music
  3. Non-Exclusive & Non-Transferable - If you buy royalty free music from SEQ_music, others can use the same music, too. It´s not allowed to sell, rent, load, give, sublicense, or otherwise transfer the purchased music to anyone else. Reselling as stand-alone file or music on demand or in a music library is forbidden.


  • Background music for max. 1.000 physical copies of your film- or video project (CD, DVD, BlueRay, USB etc.)
  • Background music for film and theatrical, Student and Festival
  • Background music for On Hold
  • Background music for locals stores, restaurants, etc.
  • Background music for unlimited revenue generating TV- and Radio Ads, Industrial and POS, regional
  • The licensee is permitted, within his project, in which the purchased music is used, to refer to the author of the music in the following form in the credits or the like: "Music by SEQ_music | "

Advertising License

  • Background music for 1.001 to 10.000 physical copies of your film- multimedia- or video project (CD, DVD, BlueRay, USB etc.)
  • Background music for unlimited revenue generating TV- and Radio Ads, Industrial and POS, national
  • Background music for web- and corporate videos (Youtube, Vimeo, Social Media etc.), international
  • Background music for events

Advertising unlimited License

  • Background music for unlimited physical copies of your film-, multimedia- or video project (CD, DVD, BlueRay, USB etc.)
  • Background music for film and theatrical, commercially
  • Background music for unlimited revenue generating TV- and Radio Ads, Industrial and POS, international
  • Background music for apps and games
  • Live performance of the purchased music

In particular, the licensee has the right to use the files as background music for a website (homepage, e-shop etc.) and for the content offered there (for example, photos, photo galleries, slideshows, videos). The pieces of music may be used for setting the content, even in the form of a derivative work (music and video in a product). Licensee may convert the music files and any derivative works into other formats. The rights apply to non-commercial and commercial use. The license also applies independently of the operator of an Internet presence, if the corresponding Internet address is registered to the licensee.

The licensee is permitted, within his project, in which the purchased music is used, to refer to the author of the music in the following form in the credits or the like: “Music by SEQ_music | “

For further information visit the license-page or download the license.pdf here.

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Frequently asked Questions

How long can I use the purchased music?

You can use the music without a time limit.

Is your music exclusive to me?

No, all offered music are not exclusive, therefore others can use the same music.

Are the tracks licenses transferable?

The royalty free background music is not transferable. Only the buyer can use the music. As a result, it is not permitted to sell, rent, load or sublicense the music. In addition, it is not allowed to transfer the purchased music to any other person. The re-sale as a standalone file or music on request or in a music library is forbidden. Therefore, only you or your company have the right to use the royalty free background music for your project.

What if I want to use the music privately?

First of all, i do not offer my music for private use by default. You can purchase a “standard license”.

Go to our FAQs for more information.

About stockmusic & royalty free Background music

What is royalty free background music? It refers to the right to use copyright material or intellectual property. Without the need to pay further royalties or license fees for each use or per volume sold (⇒ Wikipedia). The music purchased from SEQ_music is completeley royalty free. Rightholder Martin Lotz is not member of any Performance Right Organization. Therefore you can, after paying a one-time fee, use the music as many times and as long as you want (unlimited).  You never have to pay us or anyone else any additional license fees based on usage.

Please note that our licenses also include public show and live performance rights (only “Advertising license).


We proceeded the payment with Paypal, Credit Card or via Amazon Payments. After you decide to buy royalty free background music, you define the license. A registration on is not required. Directly after receiving the payment you will receive access to the download of the files (WAV, MP3, license) via e-mail. Buy royalty free background music today.

Composing Royalty free Background music for youtube and other Projects

With a musical idea and vision, usually starts with a series of basic chords. Then there come cadences and a basic rhythm. The most important thing is the instrumentation, which determines the “sound” and the ambience of the piece of music. Step by step, additional instruments and soundtracks are added until the entire composition is finished. In general, bass and guitars are recorded live. At the end, the entire piece of music will be masterd for a brilliant and transparent sound as well as a perfect print.

Composing individually for your project

We offer individual instrumental compositions. These can, for example, be used for audio logos or short film scores. The process includes, in a first step, a conversation to sketch the music idea. This is followed by a first preview, a discussion and finally the completion of the piece of music. Which means mixing and mastering. The music is produced with professional hardware and software. Contact me for an individual suggestion.

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