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SEQ_music offers you first of all high-quality royalty free background music and Stockmusic.  Furthermore we are offering background music (100% copyright clear). The music is made for advertising, TV, radio. Also for film, corporate, charity and online. For any commercial purpose. Our categories are Corporate-Inspiration | Cinematic & Emotional | Dance-Electronic and Smooth-Jazz & Latin. SEQ_music´s stock audio is produced and mastered with high quality production software and -hardware. View our music examples of our work in corporate- and blogger youtube videos. Furthermore you can also get some gratis tracks.

After payment you will receive an e-mail. There you will find links to the download-files (WAV, MP3, license) for instant download your royalty free music. You can pay  via PayPal (C) credit card or Amazon (C). SEQ_music is not member of any collection society or Performance Right Organization (P.R.O.). Therefore except the purchase price, you don´t have to pay any royalties to collection societies.

In conculsion your advantages are: Our music is 100% copyright clear royalty free music | High sound quality | Easy payment via credit card or amazon | Instant download (wav, mp3, license).

Cinematic and emotional music


Media usage & License

SEQ_music is a collection of royalty free music, especially backgroundmusic and loops.  Finally, high quality audio content is available. At reasonable prices starting at 19 €. There are no hidden costs or fees. Research, preview, purchase, and download our stock audio at competitive rates. Please visit our FAQs or Licenses to learn more. Start licensing stock audio today.

Generally the music downloads can be used for any purpose. For example Web and Corporate (Youtube, Vimeo, Social Media etc.). Or for online Ads, TV and Radio Ads.  Also for Industrial and POS. Apps and Games. Film and Theatrical, TV and Radio (Shows, Pilots, public broadcasting). It can be used for On Hold, Background music for local stores, restaurants, physical copies of your project (CD, DVD, BlueRay, USB etc.), Live Performance.

We offer for our royalty free music a Standard License for most uses and an Advertisting License for more revenue driven uses. First of all, the music and license you purchase from SEQ_music …

  • is 100% copyright clear (SEQ_music / the author, composer & rightholder Martin Lotz is not member of any Performance Right Organisation (P.R.O.)).
  • gives you lifetime rights (There is no ending of the license, you have liftetime rights to use the music).
  • is non-exclusive & non-transferable (Others can use the same music, too. It´s not allowed to sell, rent, load, give, sublicense, or otherwise transfer the purchased music to anyone else. Reselling as stand-alone file or music on demand or in a music library is forbidden).
Standard License
  1. Web and Corporate (Youtube, Vimeo, Social Media etc.)
  2. Free Apps and Games
  3. Film and Theatrical (Student and Festival)
  4. TV and Radio (Shows, Pilots, public broadcasting)
  5. On Hold
  6. Background music for locals stores, restaurants, stores
  7. 1.000 physical copies of your project (CD, DVD, BlueRay, USB etc.)
Advertising License
  1. Standard License plus …
  2. Unlimited revenue generating Apps and Games
  3. Unlimited revenue generating Web and Corporate (Youtube, Vimeo, Social Media etc.), Online Ads
  4. Unlimited revenue generating TV and Radio Ads
  5. Unlimited revenue generating Industrial and POS
  6. Unlimited physical copies of your project (CD, DVD, BlueRay, USB etc.)
  7. Live Performance

Please go to License for detailed information.

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The WSW Media Filmproduction is your competent partner for professional film- and video-productions. In addition we offer  2D- and 3D-animations and photo projects for every budget. Therefore WSW offers you individual complete solutions from the idea to the finished realization of the film – from one source and with a lot of passion. We are located in the Germany Cologne / Bonn area, but we work all over Germany  and Europe, because we have a wide range of turning experiences worldwide.

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Frequently asked Questions

How long can i use the purchased music?

You can use it lifetime.

Is your music exklusive for me?

No, all offered music is non-exklusive, therefore others can use the same music, too.

Are the tracks licenses transferable?

Only the buyer can use it. As a result it´s not allowed to sell, rent, load, give, sublicense, or otherwise transfer the purchased music to anyone else. Reselling as stand-alone file or music on demand or in a music library is forbidden. Only you or your company have the right to use the music for your project.

What if i want to use the music only privatly?

I do not offer my music for private use by default. You can purchase a “Standard License”. But otherwise contact me, we make a deal.

Go to our FAQs for more information.

About stockmusic & royalty free music

What is royalty free music? This refers to the right to use copyright material or intellectual property. Without the need to pay royalties or license fees for each use or per volume sold. Or some time period of use or sales (⇒ Wikipedia). The music purchased from SEQ_music is completeley royalty free. Rightholder Martin Lotz is not member of any Performance Right Organization. This means that after paying a one-time fee, you can use the music you’ve purchased as many times as you want (unlimited). For as long as you like in accordance with the terms stated in the license agreement. You never have to pay us any additional license fees based on usage. Please note that our licenses include public or live performance rights (only “Advertising license).


The payment process is fulfilled with Credit Cart or Amazon Payments. After you decide to buy a track you define the license. Registration to my website is not necessary. In the follow of the payment you get direct access to download the files (WAV, MP3, License) via e-mail.


Beginning with a musical cinematic imagination, generally it starts with chords. Then come cadences and a base rhythm. Most important beside the mentioned is the instrumentation which determines the “sound” and ambience of the track. Going step by step other instruments and soundtracks are added until the whole composition is finished. In general Bass and Guitars are played live. At the end the whole track is mastered for a brilliant and transparent sound and a perfect pressure.

Composing individually for your project

We offer individual instrumental compositions. Like audio logos or short film scores. This includes the process of outlining the idea of the music together with you. It is followed by a first preview, a discussion and finally the finishing of the track. That means mixing and mastering. All music is produced with professional hard- and software. Contact me for an individual proposal.