Positive background music for sitcom, comedy and childrens tv

Stochmusic for sitcome, comedy

Positive Background music for TV

This royalty free positive background music for sitcom music is ideal for production, comedy, tv servies and children television. “Coming home” is an agile, positive background music with piano, guitar, drums.  The instruments, grooves and melodies provide a natural, comfortable and warm atmosphere. Therefore keywords are: instrumental music, piano, guitar, drums, bass, violins, synthesizer, agile, family, comfort.

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New: Royalty free folklore Peruvian instrumental

Royalty free world music

SEQ_music has composed a royalty free folklore from Peru: an andin folkloric instrumental music with atmospheric sounds of the Andes. Therefore, with the use of Charango, Panflute, Cuica, Cajon / Yambu you get the typical sound of the Andes in Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia. The music is available as original version, pop version. There are also various loops from the piece of music: Loop 1Loop 2Loop 3Loop 4Loop 5


Calm gentle acoustic background – corporate royalty free music

Loop Pack - Corporate music royalty free

This track is a corporate royalty free music. It is a calm gentle accoustic backgroundmusic. Therefore you can use the track ideal for presentations, videos, meetings, social media. Its comfortable and calm sound and its mood emphasizes die positive aspects of your message . This music is composed with calm played piano, electric and accoustic guitars, drums, pads and more. Listen to it and tell me if you like it …


Cinematic music – Thrill and Drama

cinematic music - thrill and drama

This piece of music is a mixture of fast and sombre synthesizer bass runs as well as orchestral epic melodies. 
At a length of 5 minutes it is suitable either in its entirety as music for trailers or in parts for certain sections of film. Keywords: epic, drama, dark, orchestral, fast.

Royalty free cinematic music – Thrill and Drama

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Background music for social media: news from the licensing model

Background music for social media: news from the licensing model

I have revised the licensing model for my royalty-free music: background music for social media (background music for web and corporate videos like Youtube, Vimeo, social media etc. in general, international) is now available under the standard license (19 € per track) download offered.

The standard license for 19 € also applies to the following uses

  • Background music for max. 1.000 physical copies of your film or video project (CD, DVD, BlueRay, USB etc.)
  • film and theatrical, student and festival
  • On Hold
  • locals stores, restaurants, etc.
  • unlimited revenue generating TV and Radio Ads, Industrial and POS, regional

Read more about the license-model of SEQ_music.

Regards, Martin / SEQ_music

background music for social media

Background music for adventure videos – royalty free

Norway landscapes

I’ve finished a special background music for adventure videos. It is an atmospheric and inviting background music, with lively piano and powerful folklore drums. The music creates different moods from happy to slightly thoughtful. You can buy this royalty free music here from 19 €:

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There are several music loops that you can buy: Loop 1, Loop 2, Loop 3, Loop 4

background music for adventure videos

Find here more cinematic music and  world-music.


How long can I use the purchased royalty free music music for youtube?

You can use the music without a time limit.

Is your music exclusive to me?

No, all offered music are not exclusive, therefore others can use the same music.

Are the tracks licenses transferable?

The license for the royalty free music is not transferable. Only the buyer can use the music. As a result, it is not permitted to sell, rent, load or sublicense the music. In addition, it is not allowed to transfer the purchased music to any other person. The re-sale as a standalone file or music on request or in a music library is forbidden. Therefore, only you or your company have the right to use the royalty free background music for your project.

What if I want to use the music privately?

First of all, i do not offer my music for private use by default. You can purchase a “standard license”.

Go to our FAQs for more information.