Since July 2020 I have been composing a classical „symphonic sketch“ in the form of a sonata. The instrumentation is symphonic (string ensemble and solo, woodwind ensemble and solo, brass, piano, some percussion).

The musical moods move from heroically moved to exhilarated and joyful to epic and melancholy. The symphomic sketch contains 5 pieces with two classic main themes: introduction, exposition, development, recapitulation, coda as well as various transitions. Musically, it is based on classical composers, but also contains modern elements.

symphonic sketch

Audio sample:

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Symphonic sketch – complete track | 16:33 min

Symphonic sketch – introduction and exposition | 05:03 min

Symphonic sketch – realization | 03:52 min

Symphonic sketch – reprise | 05:09 min

Symphonic sketch – coda | 02:19 min

Duration track complete: 16:33 min.

Structure (in german):

PhaseSatzSatzTakt vonTakt bisTonart
EinleitungEinleitung216G Moll
ExpositionHauptsatzThema 11658G Dur
ÜberleitungÜberleitung5874G Dur
SeitensatzThema 274101C Moll
Epilog Synthese101115C Moll
DurchführungHinleitungThema 1117147B Moll
Kern der DurchführungÜberleitung147166B Moll
Rückführung zur RepriseThema 2167189G Moll
RepriseHauptsatzThema  2191207G Moll
ÜberleitungÜberleitung207223G Moll
SeitensatzThema 1223247G Moll
EpilogÜberleitung247284G Moll
Coda Thema 1, 2 und Überleitung286330D Moll
Structure of „Symphonic sketch“ by Martin Lotz / SEQ_music (C) 2020

For private and commercial use (audio) the pieces will be available on or can be ordered directly from me. The complete score for an orchestral concert is also available | Contact.